January 13, 2020 - admin_oa

Pushan has been in the field of body-centred therapies nearly two decades now. Beginning of his 30’s after a deep existential crisis, he found the path of meditation and the breathwork to heal and to explore himself. Over the years, this work also opened many other doors for him to explore and deepen into; like tantra, sexuality, relationships and as last Neuroscience and how Trauma affects our brain and physiology.

In the past 20 years, he had been trained in many healing therapy modalities and travelled many places in the world. His journey started from Peru with the medicine work, to India to explore deep meditative therapy methods. Many years of his search and his long journey on the path, gave him a chance to experience and practised so many different body centred therapy modalities, including Somatic Experiencing® .

What makes his work so unique is his many years of experience in his field and his competence of combining, delivering a fusion of so many different healing modalities in the most playful way possible to his participants.

Currently, with his team, he is one of the facilitators in Osho Diamond Breath School in Italy which offers the longest breath training in the world and established for more than 17 years.
Among the group and trainings he is offering all around the world, he also gives private sessions related with trauma resolution and relationship counselling.

For further information about his work and trainings please check: www.pushan.es

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