Rani Alexa Schmid
January 13, 2020 - admin_oa

Rani Alexa Schmid is teaching both the Wave and Heartbeat levels of the 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation map. She fell in love with the practice on the first step in 1999 and was authorized to facilitate by the founder Gabrielle Roth in 2005 Waves and 2010 Heartbeat. She is a Pedagogue, a trained Counselor for Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IKP® Zurich), facilitator for Systemic Rituals®, the Skinner Releasing Technique™ and a certified FSTU® practioner. She is enjoying to attend the last semester of the OI HEARTraining in Turkey and continues to study different movements, healing and meditation techniques. She is a mother to an adult daughter and currently based in Istanbul.

Rani is known to hold the space with a deep sense of compassion, clarity and humor. She offers the participants the opportunity to become curious about the latent potential in their moving bodies and hearts. Her presence supports them to trust the natural flow of energy, step into the unknown in an inclusive environment where they can become aware of their own skills, creativity and qualities through exploring movement, presence and Being in silence.

“Alexa is a graceful, gentle and strongly grounded facilitator who brings a deeply intuitive sense of the rhythms of life to her teaching and practice. She embodies the kind of magic that makes it safe for participants to explore their own darkest caves
and re-emerge with a renewed sense of connection to others, and the world at large – perhaps even carrying a firefly or two! Hers is the kind of nourishment we most dearly need — good for our bodies, good for our souls, and good for the communities we are
a part of.”

Testimonial by Pelin Turgut, writer and story-teller

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