January 27, 2023 - Devrim

Sarvesh – Spiros Marinos is a 4D Dream Coach® & Mentor and co-founder of Dreamers’ Way.

He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University and has worked as a manager for 24 years. He continued his training in teams’ communication at Panteion University and was also trained in Systemic Psychotherapy Approach.

He has lived for a time in India, at Osho Multiversity, where he was trained in mindfulness, well-being and social meditation. He has studied Counselling, with specialization in relationships and communication, at Osho Humaniversity in Holland. He is a trained Business & Life Coach and attended the programme, “Future leaders for the world”, of Professor Dr. Stefano D’Anna, founder of the European School of Economics.

In 2014, he founded DreamsRaft and since then he supports people and organizations to uncover their Dreams and follow the way towards them.

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