December 7, 2022 - Devrim

Shastro is very passionate about offering his own understanding of what meditation can be and how to apply it to our everyday life.

Based on his 40 years of meditation practice, his teaching is not rooted in a specific technique or tradition but rather in the ever-unfolding moment and how it is experienced in the inner space.

Shastro’s skill lies in directing the participants to familiarize themselves with a sense of presence from within by weakening the identification with the thinking mind and strengthening the awareness of the Now.

He holds sitting sessions that are in complete silence and others that are interspersed with gentle suggestions, guiding the practitioners into maintaining their attention in the present moment and encouraging them to witness all that arises within consciousness.

Other sessions include a Dharma talk where he shares his understanding of what meditation is and where he often invites people to ask questions or share their experiences, making it a lively and ’tailored’ session for the participants.

He also uses walking and dancing as a way to bring practitioners to experience a sense of meditation in movement as well as singing as a way to connect all hearts as one (Bhakti Yoga). 

Shastro is also a world renowned New Age musician and the author of the Osho No Dimensions Meditation. As part of the retreat he will offer an evening meditation with live music called “Doorway to Silence”.

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