January 13, 2020 - admin_oa

Sheela was born in Athens-Greece in 1970. She met the art of Active Meditation and got trained in OSHO Meditations, Osho Born Again, Osho Mystic Rose, Osho No Mind and Remembering The Forgotten language Of Talking
To Your Body-Mind Meditative therapies, Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and Awareness Intensive.

She leads seminars such as Opening To Self-Love, Opening to the heart, ”Die Before You Die – A Centering Through Life and Death”, Creativity and Painting, Celebrating the New Woman, Sacred Dances, Meditation Camps Universal Life Energy ( Reiki) classes, and Japanese Facial Massage sessions.

Half of the year she is living in Pune India at the Osho International working and sharing with people and the rest of the time she is traveling and sharing her work around the world(China, Europe, USA )

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