Letter of acceptance of Terms & Conditions of participating in the Center’s Activities
Declaration & Consent Agreement


        I.            I understand that it is necessary to be in good physical and mental health in order to participate in the Center’s meditation program and activities. I am physically and mentally healthy and am capable to participate in the Center’s activities (meditations and workshops)
      II.            My participation in the OSHO ACTIVE MEDITATIONS is part of my everyday life at the Center and my non-participation or the lack of respect to the required silence during these meditations is a reason for me to be asked to leave the Center
    III.            I understand that it is absolutely my responsibility to decide if my participation in the Center’s activities is supporting my personal growth or not, and that I am free to leave the workshop or the Center at any given time.
    IV.            I take full responsibility for my health condition, mentally and physically, during my participation in the Center’s activities. I release the Center from any responsibility upon my general health.
      V.            I understand that the Center is a drug-free zone. Carrying or using any kind of drugs, is a reason for my expulsion from the meditations program, the workshop I participate in and the Center (independent of any legal actions).
    VI.            Consumption of alcohol is allowed only at the “bar” of the Center, served exclusively there during specific times and dates and only if consumed with responsibility. Carrying alcohol brought from outside the Center is not allowed.
  VII.            During my participation in the meditation program I also contribute:
a.       In the process of preparing the meals, for 40 minutes per day, following  the instructions of the kitchen coordinator. I take care of my special food needs (allergies, vegan, gluten free, etc).
b.      In keeping the Center clean and ordered, according to Zen principals.
I acknowledge that all of the above are an essential part of my participation in the Center’s meditation program and in the process of my personal growth. 
VIII.            I declare that all the information given in this agreement is true and valid and will be treated with confidentiality and discretion.
    IX.            I have read & understood:
a.       The Center’s Internal Regulations 
b.      The Center’s Policy of GDPR, according to the national law (www.oshoafroz.com/eugdpr)
And by signing this agreement, I declare that:
·         I consent for the use of my personal data (name, e-mail address, phone number) according to the GDPR of the Center.
·         I agree not to publish any photographs or videos taken inside the premises of the Center, in any platform, virtual, online or printed.
·         I agree/disagree with the use of pictures – videos in which I appear for the promotion of the Center’s purposes (mark one option):
I have read, understood and I accept all the above Terms and Conditions.


Friends arriving to OSHOAfroz will be asked to sign the above agreement, after reading the Center’s Internal Regulations